Our Community

Communities that kick together, stick together! Our Minneapolis community supports our program in more ways than one. When you train with a vision, you have direction. When you train with the support of a family and a team of instructors, the triangle of learning is complete.

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Our Goals

Goals are dreams with a deadline. Sure, it is easy to set a goal. When you strive to earn a black belt in our community, we won't let you down! And that is something that no one can ever take away from you. Best of all, you gain confidence in knowing you tried your best and never quit.

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Our Gear


While we might be hard headed at times, we must protect our brains and bodies for safety! How can we test if we are able to block effectively? There is no better way than to make light contact in a fun, supportive environment. ATA gear is apart of our uniform requirements to compete in class or at tournaments. What fun!

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