Fierce Portraits at Holiday Celebration


We did the the Impossible.

Over 30 students ages 4+ participated in “The most funnest class in the history of Lakes Martial Arts in 2015,” according to one Karate Kid student on Friday night.

It was epic, indeed.

We broke boards. We learned new weapons and advanced black belt moves. We played awesome listening drills. We participated in a creative team forms competition (Go Team 4!). We exercised with our friends on a Friday night. We earned a red stripe on our belt. We were inspired by watching a martial arts movie. Life couldn’t be better, right?


As a new parent, I quickly realize how these moments pass… with little photos to document the occasion… you know what they say: The Cobbler’s kids’ have no shoes, Mr. Kern (a photographer) will attest to this.

Need not fret. I present the 2015 Epic Portraits of Lakes Martial Arts students:


Password: LMA2015

I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I creating them. My creative time is my gift to you and I appreciate your support of our program. Prints may be purchased online. This is a proofing gallery and keep in mind each print will be proof quality until it is prepared for printing to look their best!

Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you back in the New Year!


Mr. Kern