Tiny Tiger Belt Program {Explained}

In addition to our Karate for Kids program, Lakes Martial Arts is proud to offer the Taekwondo for Tiny Tigers program. This program focuses on building life skills for preschool age kids ages 4-6. We focus on building character qualities such as confidence, attitude, and respect.

The rank system used by the Tigers differs slightly than that of the Karate for Kids.

Tiny Tigers work in 'half-steps' for their belt material, demonstrate half of the form during testing. While all new white belt Tiny Tigers may earn a orange belt after the first testing, their journey between each color belt is marked by earning a headband and special tiger patch to proudly wear on their belt.

Tiny Tigers earn eight collectable animal patches to display on each as belts as follows: Tiger for orange belt; Cheetah for yellow; Lion for camo; Eagle for green; Phoenix for purple; Dragon for blue; Cobra for brown; Panther for red. Each patch is intended to be ironed on the child's right side of the belt.

Not only will kids will love the animal patches and head bands, parents will appreciate how they reinforce our "Life Skills" program and help kids understand the many ways they can apply their Taekwondo lessons.

The order of Tiny Tiger Belt Program:
• White Belt
• Orange Belt
• Orange Belt w/ Tiger Patch
• Yellow Belt
• Yellow Belt w/ Cheetah Patch
• Camouflage Belt
• Camouflage Belt w/ Lion Patch
• Green Belt
• Green Belt w/ Eagle Patch
• Purple Belt
• Purple Belt w/ Phoenix Patch
• Blue Belt
• Blue Belt w/ Dragon Patch
• Brown Belt
• Brown Belt w/ Cobra Patch
• Red Belt
• Red Belt w/ Panther Patch
• Half Red / Half Black Belt (Black Belt Recommended)
• Solid Black Belt (Black Belt Decided) 

Each student receives a new belt for each testing, and depending on rank, a headband and patch. For example, if Tiny Tiger tested for a yellow belt, they may receive a yellow belt. Next successful testing, they may expect to earn the Cheetah Patch to put on a new Yellow Belt.

TIP #1. Not sure which belt side the patch goes? Think "Right, Rank" (rank patches on the right) and "Learning Left" (learning stripes on left side of the belt).

TIP #2. And if the patch ends up on the wrong side, simply relie the belt with a square knot with the patch starting on the correct side (student's right side).