Lakes Martial Arts Leadership Team

As part of the Lakes Martial Arts Junior Leadership Program, the Junior Leadership Training Class focuses teaching students leadership skills in taekwondo applicable in life. The program offers students additional responsibility in class and teaches them to be positive role models in Taekwondo and at school. Students learn behaviors that exemplify positive leadership and develop confidence and public speaking skills by giving oral reports on life skills related to leadership. Students learn to set an example for others in class, help mentor junior-ranked students, and to take on a variety of leadership roles at the taekwondo dojahng. Additionally, they learn advanced material including working with weapons such as the double ssahng jeol bong (nunchaku), jahng bong (long staff), and ssahng nat (kama). Program intended for ages 8+ and camo belt or higher with instructors permission.


The Leadership programstarts this session and runs on twice per month from 5:30-6:30pm. Contact Mr. Kern to learn more.

What's included?

Kids will be blown away by the fun and challenging activities which will not only help them build leadership skills, but will pave the path towards becoming a black belt. This class will be small, exclusive, focused, and fun. This is stuff they will talk about to all their friends (we'll be doing Bo staff basics on the first night, learning ten class management skills, etc). I see value in this program long term for leadership skills for our students and program which is why I am choosing to run the program at my cost.

The $300 enrollment fee includes:

  • $150 - ATA leadership registration which allows makes it possible for students to compete for a state, national, or world title. Includes big binder workbook of all our training materials. This goes to the ATA.
  • $60 - Bo Staff. It's the coolest thing they will bring home that might mark up the walls.
  • $100 - Black XMA uniform. Next year's Halloween costume.

In addition to the enrollment fee, students must registered for the classes through the recreation center which covers room and overhead costs ($15 per class).