Path to Black Belt

"Are we there yet?" we often hear traveling on a long journey. 

Students and parents often wonder the path to earn a black belt. Long ago, all students started began tied their dobok (uniform) with a white belt. And since the floor of their dojang (taekwondo facility) was only dirt, the longer they trained, the dirtier their belt became.

What started off as white became brown and eventually black. That is why the color black on a belt illustrated experience and wisdom from training.

At Lakes Martial Arts, we try to keep our floor clean :)

We offer a few more colors to make the journey interesting. Here are the nine colors in order starting from white belt to black:

How long does it take to earn a black belt in the ATA?

Good question! Assuming students test successfully and complete requirements on-time can expect to earn a black belt in 2-3 years minimum, depending on commitment and perseverance. 

While EVERY student in Lakes Martial Arts has the ability to earn a black belt, the journey to black belt starts with a white belt.

"Today Impossible, Tomorrow Possible"