Feb 2 Bully Prevention Seminar (1-3pm)


30 spots are available for the next Bully Prevention Seminar held at the Pershing Recreation Center on Saturday, Feb 2 from 1:00- 3:00 pm.

The seminar is FREE to attend for students ages 6-13. Parent volunteers are welcome and appreciated! Lakes Martial Arts students should wear their uniform.

This will be extra special, as we are joining forces with Pursuit Martial Arts to stop bullying in schools.

I was bullied as a kid and an adult. Yet in those years, I didn't even know what bullying was. I knew I didn't like it. I knew I didn't want it to happen. Yet, I wasn't aware of tactics how to report it. How to stop it. Or how to prevent it all together. Why do I share my story? Find out here >>

Students will earn a special green stripe on their belt for participation, along with some goodies to reinforce the skills learned in the seminar. Returning students welcome to assist with leadership skills. Wear uniforms and bring a friend! Parents are strongly encouraged to participate.

No sign up sheet need. Just show up with a great attitude! Over 175 students have participated in the bully prevention seminars since 2015. I’m proud of the success stories that have come from the efforts.

Hope to see you and a friend on the mat!

PS- Mr. Kern will also bring his photo studio (and smoke machine) to create another series of “Confidence Portraits” at no charge.