Material for Summer 2018 {COMMUNICATION}


"Communication is the bridge between me and the world," we've been reciting each class this session. This session we'll be talking about the importance of communication. 

As Lee Iacocca once said, "You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere." This wisdom comes from the man instrumental in the introduction of the Ford Mustang!

What are keys to effective communication? How can we communicate through our body language. How might we demonstrate respect in good communication? These are among the topics Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids (and adults) will be honing this session in class and at home and school.

Here is the material for this session (Click on bold to download PDF):

Beginner Students >> Sohngham 1. Tiny Tigers do first half of form (moves 1-9) and one-step #1.

Intermediate and Advanced Students >> Sohngham 4.

Mark your calendars for our next testing held at Pershing Park Recreation Center at 6pm on June 27, 2018.