Spring 2017 testing

Some martial arts students worked 10 weeks to arrive at this point. Others worked almost 3 years.

Yesterday, Lakes Martial Arts in Minneapolis held the Spring 2017 testing at the Pershing Rec Center. With a packed house, Lakes Martial Arts welcomes five new black belts!

Congrats, Mr. Q. Bechay, Mr. D Bechay, Mrs. Reinhardt, Mr. Reinhardt, and Mr. Nielsen!

Congrats, Mr. Q. Bechay, Mr. D Bechay, Mrs. Reinhardt, Mr. Reinhardt, and Mr. Nielsen!

The fitness test challenged students to focus and dig deep, pushing themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Students demonstrated strength, mobility, and power at they completed 30 seconds of clapping pushups and pistol squats, focused energy for 60 seconds doing V-sits, front leaning rests, burpies. Who would have thought that 4-minutes would last sooo long (for the students) and and be so fun to watch (for the audience)!

In addition, highlights included:

  • Five new camo belts earned sparring gear and sparred black belts for the first time
  • Intermediate and advanced students smashed a ton of boards with a step reverse sidekick
  • Focus remained a priority for beginners and Tiny Tigers as they focused on their goals with their eyes, ears, and heart
  • Mr. Gonzalez served as a wonderful jumping obstacle for black belts

I am proud of the hard work and time these students (and their families) have dedicated to their practice. The triangle of learning continues to strengthen. See you on the mat!


One final note: It’s easy to think of a mistake as a failure. Get this: mistakes do not mean we aren’t good at something. It is important to focus that mistakes are when learning starts. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t improve. Many of the world’s most successful people made mistakes along their journey. Mistakes can be as simple as forgetting the kihap or a move in a form, not breaking a board on the first time, or losing a piece of sparring equipment. It happens to all of us. 

What matters most: learn and move on. 

And don’t forget to smile and enjoy the journey.