Stay Courageous!

PhotographS by  Molly Just.

PhotographS by  Molly Just.

Congrats to Tiny Tiger "Ben" for demonstrated courage to participate in the Souix Falls ATA Tournament this session! Doing your best is not easy for everyone, especially in front of a crowd!

Parents sheets are available for the Fall 2018 session as were handed out that last. If you missed out, HERE IS THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD.

Over the three weeks working on the parent sheet, these are the important topics and questions to ask your student:

What is courage?

  • Doing the right thing, even when someone isn’t looking
  • Courage is “Feeling fear, yet choosing to act!”
  • Persevering in the face of adversity. Expanding your horizons. Trying new things.

What does courage look like?

  • Raise your hand confidently when others in your class are too scared.
  • Courageous people demonstrate confidence and a positive mental attitude.
  • Courageous people standup to a bully and say, “I am smart and leave me alone now!”
  • Courageous people make decisions without endless back-and-forth. Trust yourself!
  • Courage people with stage fright, get up on stage and do their best (like practicing your form)

What is it for?

  • Making what might seem impossible today, possible tomorrow.
  • Speak up-respectfully when something doesn’t feel right.

A remember, mark your calendars: the next color belt rank testing will be held Wednesday, November 18, 2018 at 5:30 pm Tiny Tigers and 6:30 pm for Karate Kids and Adults.