On Becoming a Lakes Martial Arts Black Belt

At special screening as part of the Lakes Martial Arts Open House 2016, students watched the debut of the very first promo video by Penn Barnes, the brother of one of our very own student's, Ms. Barnes. Penn is a buddying photographer and cinema photographer with curiosity, enthusiasm, and fresh energy. He is hard-working, friendly, is not afraid to do his best. I don't know many high school kids that have earned a PBS video credit, too! I greatly appreciate his efforts and have enjoyed getting to know him over the past few months and look forward to future creative collaborations.

Without further adieu, I present:

On Becoming a Lakes Martial Arts Black Belt, a short film by Penn Barnes.

The short film showcases a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Lakes Martial Arts students training at the ATA club at Pershing Recreation Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Leadership team members Ms. Barnes and Mr. Kamrow completed their training and successfully tested last July for their the rank of first degree black belt decided. Rewind three years ago, they began their training with Mr. Kern at Lakes Martial Arts as white belts. It has been an amazing journey to watch them grow and develop as good citizens and young martial artists. They continue to set good examples to students and their leadership is greatly appreciated.

Rewind back to color belt testing on February 2014, pictured bottom row, Ms. Barnes as an orange belt, and Mr. Kamrow and Nora as yellow belts! Wow! They grow up so fast!