Sparring Gear {Tips & Rules}

Dear Parents of New Camo Belts,

Congrats! You have made it to the exciting time where your student has earned the responsibility to spar. If you don't know already, read Mr. Kern's 10 Reasons Sparring Gear is Cool!

A few important items:

1. Explain “Your Rules"

Speak with your student about YOUR rules for sparring gear and consequences if those rules are broken. Of course, safety is #1. However, respect and a good attitude are paramount for black belt excellence here at Lakes Martial Arts. As are good grades, too. Make sure they know them and understand the consequences. We teach life skills through martial arts and PARENTS are key to the “triangle of learning."

2. Explain “Class Rules”

A few days before testing as your student completes preparations and review of the material, explain to them the rules of sparring. They include:

  • A good attitude is a must, no matter what.
  • Complete gear must be worn at all times during sparring. This includes a mouthpiece.
  • Off limits for contact in sparring: behind the back, below the belt, and any blind technique (like a spinning backfist). Punching to the head is not allowed. Kicking below the belt or to the back is not allowed.

WHAT IS allowed and earns points in competition:

Kick or punch to chest area: 1 point

Kick to head: 2 point

Jump kick to chest: 2 points

Jump kick to head: 3 points

Review the rules so students know them in practice before they demonstrate “fancy sparring” at testing or in class.

3. Gear Tips

Label all sparring bags with name and a unique identifier (like a colorful string). Ensure when you leave the student has the correct bag. Students are responsible for keeping all their gear organized. They will not be able to spar if they “forget” hand pads or "lost" mouthguard, for example.

To save time, put on sparring gear in this order:

  1. Feet First (after student has feet in, stretch black elastic strap and pull under feet to secure)
  2. Then chest protector
  3. Then mouth guard
  4. Then head gear
  5. Finally, hand gear

 Students should practice putting on gear in less than 2 minutes with minimum help.