All about the Smart Sheet

I am very excited to introduce a brand new component to our program that will become a staple to our life skills program: The Smart Sheet, a goal map for your student.


Students will work with their parents at home to come up with a single goal that the student wishes to work on. This is essentially the student equivalent of the parent sheet… giving them input into creating their own goals. The reward for accomplishing goal will be far greater than a stripe: it will be a personal accomplishment with an incentive determined by the parent(s). Example of reward & incentives doesn’t have to be material and can include:

  • Praise and gestures (hugs, jump high fives)
  • Your student(s) gets to choose what is for dinner 3 nights in a week
  • Your student(s) can choose a movie to watch as a family or come up with another fun activity, a friend sleepover, or family tradition

Allow your child to decide that he/she would like to work toward the goal. This will make the process more meaningful and likely to work toward those goals. The student will be recognized for their Smart Sheet Goals in class (belt stripes will not serve as the goal for the Smart Sheet). However, if parents feel the student deserves praise for extenuating circumstances, please notify Mr. Kern at least 2 weeks prior to testing (special arrangements at testing will be made).

Ideally, the goal date should be within the current session.

Below, I have provided an example of a SMART Sheet that has been completed to give parents and students an idea of what to expect. Be creative, but be specific! Good luck!

As Winne-The-Pooh would say, "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!" Stay strong!