The Perfect Class

Special thanks to Sylvi for reminding us to smile each day, every day. Sylvi, I appreciate your thoughtful "Perfect Class" gift!

If you were to dream up the perfect martial arts class, what would activities would you choose? What would it feel like? What would look like?

I asked our leadership team this question and gave them a few days to think it over. The results surprised me.

I was excited to learn:

  • V-sits and flutter kicks are Otto’s favorite drill. He loves board breaks and earning a stripe, too.
  • Endorphins really motivates Clay. He loves physical challenges in class and that post-euphoria feeling.
  • Sylvi loves learning new technical moves.
  • Jessica loves working out and earning the feeling of accomplishment of meeting a particular goal.
  • Fitness tests are a few of Alex’s favorite activities.
  • Nora loves high kick challenges and feeling good after each class.

No two students shared the same activity, one of the reasons variety tends to appeal to my favorite classes (For the record, I always thought it would be cool to have a class where I got to experiment with ALL the weapons and create new moves... which we did in class this week!).

So how do you pack all these fun possibilities into a 45-minute class? 

It’s not impossible.

One really important thing makes it all possible:


Talk with your instructor after class and let them know your favorite things you did also helps them plan future fun classes. Instructors love to see their students having fun. No one likes a dull, repetitive class.

If you love pizza, an all-you-can-eat buffet without pizza wouldn’t be fun, would it?

Variety IS the spice of life.