Summer Testing 2015

Such a bittersweet ending to a wonderful year to ATA martial arts in Minneapolis! Congrats to the successful testers and to Sylvi and Clay for becoming official Leadership Team Members (black uniforms).

We offered for the first time awards for year-long participation of excellence, leadership, and great attitude. Those awards to go:

  • Hidden Dragon Awards (Tiny Tigers & Karate Kids): Tyler Spence and Harrison Gerth
  • Crouching Tiger Awards (Adults): Congrats to Toni Tamm and Jessica Reinhardt

 For those that didn't break their boards, remember if you fall down eight times, you get up nine times! After all, it is all about excellence.

Excellence can be demonstrated in many ways. And handmade artwork (signed) by students is one simple way to show they care. Thank you, Sylvi!

Enjoy the summer sabbatical to try something new and different so you may come back refreshed, recharged and ready to thrive again after Labor Day! 

For those currently enrolled, they will have first right to enrollment. After that, the waiting list of names will be contacted. Stay tuned for an email late August for details.

Mr. Kern will still be available for private lessons throughout the break (a great way to get a head start on material for next session). Choong Jung II will the form for advanced students... Mr. Kern's favorite (and most difficult) color belt form!