This session in class we have been talking about the importance of “Excellence," a life skill can be applied to many aspects of our life: at home, at school or work, and in class.

What is excellence in martial arts and in life? It’s all about attitude (more on that here)!

• Excellence is striving for quality in ALL WE DO.

• Excellence means we take our time, work hard, and think carefully about a project.

• Excellence lets us take pride in accomplishments, WITHOUT BRAGGING.

Working hard to bridge the gap between work and life is all about balance. When we seek excellence in one area, we risk neglecting other important priorities. Too much work and too little play makes us dull. We must work hard AND play hard to bring excellence into our lives. THAT’S the secret to attaining goals!


Students must focus for three weeks on “Excellence" at home, school, extra curricular activities, and in taekwondo class to complete the parent sheet, a requirement to earn their "gold" parent stripe to test for their next rank!

Must we be perfect in everything we do? Believe it or not, NO ONE is perfect (Even Mr. Kern!).  However, excellence means using our abilities, talents, and opportunities to their fullest.

I will share a personal story about frustrating day recently. Three little things didn't go as I planned.

1. My computer stopped working when I had an important project to complete!

2. I was issued a rental car citation in the mail for something I knew I didn't do!

3. I was testing some equipment and it fell and broke!

All of this happened in a very short time period which made things worse. I felt like crying.

However, I decided to have a good attitutude and practice excellence in what I chose to do.

And you know what we decided to do for dinner that night? We made BREAKFAST!!!! After that, everything seemed better and even our son and dog enjoyed it!

Mark your calendars: the next color belt rank testing will be on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 6pm.

To download the material for this session, VIEW THIS POST.