Potluck - Lakes Martial Arts End of Year Party

Ah, that time of year when the heat rises and our martial arts doboks (uniforms) get a little sticker after a good workout! Summertime is here!!!

This year we celebrate our successful SECOND year of classes and it has been an amazing experience for so many families (including my growing family, too). Friendships were made, life lessons were learned, we gained fitness and confidence. We've earned higher ranks, some of us competed in our first tournaments, and we have our first leadership team members testing for their black uniform (this is almost as big of a deal as a black belt testing!!!).

To celebrate the end of the year, we are hosting a Baked Potato Potluck after testing from 6pm- 8:30pm. We'll bring the hot potatoes (including the sack of patotoes that wakes us at 5am), you bring the goods!

Here's what to do: (TESTING STARTS AT 6PM on July 1)

1. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR WHAT TO BRING! Choose an available slot of items including spoons, bowls, lemonade, napkins, toppings, salsa, chives, dessert, milk, etc). We expect about 60 people. For example, there are 6 openings for sour cream (bring a container for about 10 people). When you arrive, head to the kitchen to drop off the goods. Then get ready for testing.

2. Bring positive attitude and your fun spirit! After a year of hard work talking about important life skills such as confidence, attitude, respect, excellence, and goals... let's make sure we have fun, too! Mr. Kern will be handing out awards for best improvement in the session, leadership awards, and a brand new one: the "Crouching Tiger Award."

3. Perfect Practice time. Need some last minute review to build confidence? Contact Mr. Kern at (303) 474-0983 to arrange for a few spots on Monday and Tuesday.

 Here is a list of the material for testing.

Be sure to ready Mr. Kern's tips on How to Beat Performance Anxiety from when he tested for his 4th degree black belt.