June 6 Bully Prevention Seminar (Sign-up)

30 spots are available for the next Bully Prevention Seminar held at the Pershing Recreation Center on Saturday, June 6 from 1-3pm.

The seminar is FREE to attend for students. Parent volunteers are welcome and appreciated!

Please complete student information below (required). There will be a pre- and post- survey required to gauge effectiveness of the program.

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This 90-minute seminar will focus on bullying, one of the biggest issues facing schools today. There will be demonstrations and discussions about what is bullying, the differences between tattling and bullying, how to report bullying, what students can do to prevent bullying. Guidance will be discussed on how to prevent bullying through confidence, self-defense, and leadership skills. Each student will have opportunity to practice newly-learned skills and opportunity to demonstrate confidence in a celebratory “board break” at the end of the seminar and be given a “Agent G kit” to re-enforce the concepts discussed at home. Lakes Martial Arts students will have the opportunity to earn their green stripe!

This program is made possible with the generous support from a Fulton Community Association grant, the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board, and Lakes Martial Arts.

Team up and stamp out bullying in schools with participation in this program! 

To learn more about the program and goals, either click here to view the Lakes Martial Arts blog post or contact RJ Kern at (303) 474-0983.