Adopt-a-Mat Program 2015

Since our Minneapolis ATA martial arts club started in September 2013, we have been fortunate with good safety. Safety remains a top priority in our program and good training and protection gear remains key. Last year we ran a successful Adopt-a-Mat program with many students using their private lesson incentive to get an early start on learning material, refining techniques before testing, and even making for lessons during the summer when we are not in session (just to keep skills sharp)

As our program continues to grow (waiting list only), and more students are sparring (including adults), we are needing to more room. To give everyone extra safe space (and room), we will need 4 large green mats and 6 black mats to expand our ring size, ideal for larger sparring groups and floor drills. Your "donation" helps in a big way of increasing the safety of our program. 

Two options to participate in the Adopt-a-Mat program:

  • $100 full mat (includes two 45-minute private lessons)
  • $50 half mat (includes one 30-minute private lesson)

Good news: Our new floor mats will be ready for class THIS Wednesday!

Special thanks to the kind folks at Zebramats based in Rogers, MN. They truly “Are Simply Z Best” and our program wouldn't have grown as safely without them! 

PS- Mr. Kern may be featured in an upcoming ATA World magazine!