Spring Session Signup

Spring Session 2015 enrollment is open for classes starting April 29, 2015. Classes will fill up on a first come, first served basis. Don't wait! There will be a waiting list for those unable to enroll due to class maximum. Testing: July 1 at 6pm.


April 29 (Wed)
May 6 (Wed)
May 11 (Mon)
May 20 (Wed)
May 27 (Wed)
June 3 (Wed)
June 8 (Mon)
June 17 (Wed)
June 24 (Wed)
July 1 Belt Testing (Wed)


Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-6) 

Karate Kids (Ages 7-12)

Adults / Teens (Ages 13+)

Leadership Class (Camo and up) (April 20, May 6, May 18, June 10, June 22)


For beginners, we will be working on Songahm 2 material. Intermediate and Advanced students will focus on mastering Songahm 5 to emphasize speed, power, rhythm and automatic reflex. In addition, sparring techniques will be emphasized in the adult class along with basics for the Sshang Nat (kama) form. The benefits of adults enrolled in the class include being able to teach their students Sshang Nat basics at home!

And what do you do with all those smashed boards from testing? One idea: build bases for thumb pianos so preschool students can paint and assemble them (Thank you for sharing, Clay!). How fun!