Two Beautiful Ways To Stop A Bully

There's more than one way to climb a mountain, and there's more than one way to stop a bully!

In this blog post, I share TWO ways bully prevention can make a difference in Minneapolis.

Bully Prevention Seminar #1: COMPLETED!

Congrats to the 26 student participants who completed the FREE Agent G Bully Prevention seminar on Saturday, April 25, 2015. And special thanks to the four adult volunteers, donors, and sponsors including the Fulton Community Association grant, the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board, and Lakes Martial Arts. Each participant received their own "Agent G" kit after completion of the 2-hour seminar which also included a sidekick board break (everyone broke a board!).

Several kids in a brief informal survey after rated their experience from a scale of 1 (really boring) to 10 (really awesome), ranked the 2-hour+ learning experience as a 10!!!! Agent G made a debut in our photo, too... second from far right.

Another Beautiful Way To Stop a Bully

I share with you a story told by Shane Kyoczan in his TED talk, "The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen":

He says:

When I was a kid, I hid my heart under the bed because if you are not careful, someone will take it. Take it from me, the bed is not a good hiding spot.
I know because I have been shot down so many times I get altitude sickness just from standing up for myself. But that is what we are told: stand up for yourself.
That is hard to do if you don't know who you are. We were expected to define ourselves at such an early age. And if we didn't do it, others did it for us.

WOW!!! What powerful perspective to share! I encourage all to carve a few minutes at the end of your day and watch this video with loved ones. 

Our goal is to offer 100 kids to attend the seminar and we have 74 more to go! Help us meet our goal by clicking below:


And speaking of inspiration, several students wanted to see the ATA Strong Invitational video of martial arts in action from the 2013 TRY ATA ESPN Martial Arts Invitational.... it's an action packed 90-minutes showcasing skills of ATA's best!