About our School Patch

The Lakes Martial Arts patch worn on the uniform represents several unique design characteristics reflecting our club:

1. Three Pine Trees. Songahm Taekwondo is the style of martial arts practiced in Lakes Martial arts. Since, songahm means "Pine Tree and Rock" in Korean and our state tree in MN (The White Pine) the pine tree plays a prominent role on the patch. The success of our curriculum relies on three points of interaction: the student (large tree), and the instructor and parents (the side trees). Students and the instructor bow to the parents at each class, as they are equally as important for student success.

2. Lakes. In a land of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, our natural landscape inspires recreation, family activity, a balanced ecosystem, and beauty.

3. Nine Colors. Each of the nine colors of taekwondo belts are illustrated in the patch, starting with white, orange, yellow, camouflage, green, purple, blue, brown, red, and black. There are 9 color belts, 9 degrees of black belt, 18 moves in Songham one (9 + 9 =18), 81 moves in 1st degree black belt (9 x 9 =81)... and even 9 letters in Taekwondo! The number nine is also the highest single number, one away from a perfect 10.

There is also a secret in our patch which illustrates the most powerful move in taekwondo... the jump sidekick. Can you find it?

Special thanks to Kevin Omura at Kuleana Design and Alan Warner at Trion Promotion for their assistance in the design!

My niece designed the first sketch of our patch at at special lake in northern Minnesota! Here is her drawing: