What is attitude?

What is attitude?

Attitude is the way you act towards others and how you feel about something. To have a black belt attitude, you should treat others with respect. Your attitude can be good or bad based on how you act that day.

A positive attitude is when you are happy or excited about something in your life. Black belts have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude about something will make it more enjoyable, no matter what.. You WILL be able to make the best out of any situation if you choose the right attitude!

Of all things in life we can't control of, there is one thing we CAN control: OUR ATTITUDE!

We can choose a good attitude, or a bad attitude. It is up to us.

"The most important discovery of our time is that we can alter our lives by altering our attitude," said psychologist William James, the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States.

What does a positive attitude look like?

First, a smile is the first sign most people see when they see a positive attitude. Showing enthusiasm, "saying Yes I can!," offering good eye contact, trying your best, paying attention, and cheering on fellow students is a great way to demonstrate attitude.

What is it for?

As part of the Life Skills program taught at Lakes Martial Arts, attitude is key to success in relationships, exploring creativity, needed to discover other options, and makes up the energy of persistence.

Karate Kids & Tiny Tigers can demonstrate examples of a good ATTITUDE by the following:

  • At home: Doing chores without being told.
  • At school: Raising your hand before answering a question.
  • At Taekwondo: Having a smile on your face even when something is hard to do. 

At tonights class, all students will be handed their parent sheet, a three-week process of focusing on attitude. ONLY after practicing their Songham 2 material, understanding attitude, and achieving their personal goals for this session will they be able to earn their parent stripe! The parent stripe is not only the hardest to earn, but the most worthwhile! 

The path to black belt is not far away!