Top 10 Reasons Sparring Gear is Cool!


In class last night students were able to "fancy spar" Mr. Kern as part of the end of class obstacle course. I could see the lightbulb flicker on in their eyes and smiles.

This was the very first time Lakes Martial Arts students were able to test their mettle and use the blocks, punches, and kicks we've been practicing. The best analogy: we've been practicing how to through and catch and now it is game time! How fun!

Tiny Tiger and Karate Kids ranked camo belt or higher are eligible to purchase sparring gear starting next Wednesday. Adults and teens may purchase anytime, or any student with instructor permission. Why is Sparring Gear SO COOL??? 

Top 10 Reasons Sparring Gear is COOL:

10. Gear is cool! ATA gear is apart of our uniform requirements to compete in class or at tournaments. It is the only gear sanctioned approved by our insurance companies.

9. We can make contact. How can we test if we are able to block effectively? There is no better way than to make light contact in a fun, supportive environment.

8. It can double as a Halloween costume! Take your taekwondo skills to the streets on Halloween and feel free to wear your uniform with pride!

7. We can compete with our gear! We train to win, we compete to have fun. Tournaments are a great way to meet others and have fun!

6. We can be an Olympian! Takewondo and judo are the only two Olympic martial arts. With lots of perfect practice, you can wear your gear to compete in the Oympics and win a gold medal for Team USA! My instructor that gave me my black belt, Master Jody Horn, was an alternate for the 2000 Summer Olympics and trained in Colorado Springs, CO. His teammate, Steven Lopez, won a Olympic gold medal in the lightweight division. How cool is that??!?!

5. It makes stinky feet even stinkier! If you really want to have stinky feet, never wash your feet pads and you are well on your way!

4. We can kick higher! That extra one more inch of protective foam can make your kicks appear even higher!

3. Pads build character and confidence. Gearing up makes you feel like you can face your opponent and do your very best since that is what is most important.

2. Sparring Gear offers lessons in respect and self-control! Black belts always demonstrate respect and self-control. No matter what! Just because you have gear, doesn't mean you can hurt others. It can be taken away anytime, so be sure to follow the rules... or else!

1. Safety First! While we might be hard headed at times, we must protect our brains and bodies for safety!

Introducing the sparring gear package:

Chest Guard / Face Shield / Mouth Piece & Container / Cup & Supporter:

Sparring Gear bags (two options, small or large):


Gear Package Includes: Head / Hand / Foot Gear / Chest Guard / Face Shield / Mouth Piece & Container / Cup & Supporter Extra / Small Sparring Bag.
*Package Special* $300.00   Normal Price: $322.00 (plus tax)


Steps to order:

1. Print off order form.

2. With a tape measure, write down measurements on form and circle correct size.

3. Hand Mr. Kern the paperwork and he will place the order.

Please note: exchanges will be given only on unused equipment. All sales are final.