Perfect Practice, even on Vacation!

"Practice makes perfect," isn't my favorite phrase.

"PERFECT Practice makes perfect." Ah, much better! That's what it takes to improve.

If we practice the same bad technique over and over, we will never get better. We should focus on practicing perfect technique each time. This applies both in and out of class.

TIP: Taking your time with each movement to ensure the starting and ending position is correct. That way when you do the move faster, you can ensure proper technique isn't sacrificed!

A good example of perfect practice is Shayna, who is pictured below on her family vacation to warm Red Rocks park outside Las Vegas. After Shayna saw a yoga class practice, she noticed the similarity and promptly started practicing her sidekicks. And she didn't let a challenging surface stop her, either!

Shayna, I'm proud of your efforts! Keep it up! Nice sidekick, by the way!