Parent Sheet & Testing Details

We all struggle with personal victories. It can be kicking higher {taekwondo goals}. Making better grades {school goals}. Learning to listen better {home goals}.

Or just making it to class. I applaud the parent involvement required for each class. Thank YOU!!!

Here is the link to download the parent sheet:


Students are REQUIRED to earn their parent strip before testing for their next belt. As parents, do your best to keep the goals focused for your child simple, direct, and easy to follow. "Have a black belt attitude when you have to brush your teeth" is more concrete than "don't argue with us." This simple focused goal (and reinforcing positive behavior when you see it) goes a long way in the brain of a Tiny Tiger & Karate Kid.


Who: We will have a panel of black belt judges to score individuals on performance standards required to advance to a student's next rank.

What: Students will be required to know and perform the required material to the best of their ability.

***Songham 3 Material Here***

And exude a black belt attitude. No exceptions. While a personal victory for one particular student might be to kick as high as their knee caps given their ability, another student might be able to kick 10 more fast round kicks above their 50 round kick goal.

When: Wednesday, May 7 from 6pm-7pm. All ages & ranks.

Why: Doing our personal best is what matters most, regardless of ability.

Cost: $40 for beginner students payable via cash, check, or credit card.

Questions? Do not hesitate to call Mr. Kern at (303) 474-0983.

Good luck in the final week of training and I look forward to a successful testing!