Meet Mr. Mike Chat

I met Mr. Mike Chat, XMA founder and former Blue Power Ranger extraordinaire at 2014 ATA Spring Nationals in Anaheim, CA. He's such an inspiration person and motivational leader and teacher! He's taught some big names, including Jaden Smith (The Karate Kid) and Taylor Lautner (Twlight). He's the real deal!

Mr. Chat is enthusiastic about social media on Twitter, Instagram, etc. It's great to see his enthusiastic energy going to grow and benefit in our martial arts community and to inspire kids. Way cool! 

Watch and hear what he has to say about the ATA Lakes Martial Arts blog:

One of the values of the blog is sharing good information to the martial arts community. While it takes a bit of extra time to do, I find it worthwhile in terms of spreading the word about martial arts, the ATA, and our Lakes Martial Arts program.

Now that's a win, Win, Win, WIN!

Thank you Mr. Chat!