Jhoonbee on Jumbie Beach!

Owen and Jack enjoyed spring break last week and shared this photo of Jumbie Beach in the Virgin Islands. 

Jumbie Beach sounds familiar to the Korean phrase we say in class, jhoonbee (joon-bee), which means "ready position." We say this phrase in taekwondo class just before practicing our form. They thought it would be cool to do "Jhoonbee on Jumbie Beach." What fun! I love the contagious enthusiasm these two friends exude… a key to an awesome black belt attitude.

Perfect practice makes perfect, I say in class. And these boys sure know how to pick a perfect place to practice! And they are doing a perfect jhoonbee, I might add.

A big hug for to their parents for supporting them and being apart of our new parent class!

I shared the above photo with Chief Master Robert Jager last night at the ATA Spring Nationals VIP reception in Anaheim, CA. Chief Master Jager is an 8th degree black belt and was my instructor's instructor. How cool is that?!?! He got a good laugh at it!

This morning tested for my fourth degree black belt at Spring Nationals. I did my best, had fun, and got a great workout. I will have to wait 4-6 weeks to find out results. Wish me luck!