Adopt-a-Mat Program Details

"Safe and fun make smiles," has been my main teaching philosophy in taekwondo. 

Since our martial arts program started in September 2013, we have been fortunate with good safety being on our side. However, in the back of my mind safety remains my top priority. Ceramic tile floors, however, are not easy on the joints when sparring, practicing a new jump move, or doing situps, especially for "Crouching Tigers" (the affectionate name given to the adult class). And they certainly don't cushion the occasional fall in sparring and when practicing balance.

Great news! The first ring has been purchased by Lakes Martial Arts for sparring and practicing ground work. They are sage green and black and are 1" thick. We plan to set them up before each class, especially when sparring.

However, our room can fit two more rings so EVERYONE in class can practice on safe flooring.

Two options to participate in the Adopt-a-Mat program:

  • $100 full mat (includes two 45-minute private lessons & special prize)
  • $50 half mat (includes one 30-minute private lesson)

We have negotiated a special discount on the mats that retail for $128 plus tax. Keep in mind this "donation" helps in a big way of growing the safety of our program.

July 9 is our deadline to place order. An entire ring runs about $1900. Two full rings would fit the smaller space and third ring would fit the entire room.

These amazing Zebramats are the same style flooring used at tournaments like the ATA World Championships and Nationals. Why not practice on what we compete on? In fact, several of our new floor were used at ATA tournaments.  I met Tom Tschida and Pat Soli at recent tournaments and they seemed to offer a great product with wonderful service. And the company is based in Rogers, MN just outside Minneapolis. After talking with them about our needs, they recommended the combo mats since they are easy to set-up, feature long-term durability, optimal protection, and as their company states, "Are Simply Z Best!" Thank you Tom & Pat and your great team!