How to Tie Martial Arts Belt

It matters how you tie your belt. 

Why? Because little things do matter.

"How do I tie my belt, Mr. Kern?" I hear from many students (and parents). It is a great question, and I am here to answer.

First, there is more than one way to tie a martial arts belt. Depending on if the belt is a single wrap (colored belts) or double wrap (black belts), the technique differs. Regardless, the results look the same. It's a square knot (Right over left, left over right is the technique). 

For colored belts, here is a visual description of how to tie a belt (from a student's perspective):

Little Details Count

You are not tying a belt like tying shoes. You must respect what the belt represents: perseverance. 

Students work hard on their rank, and the act of tying their belt is a constant reminder of the goal obtained and future goals which lie ahead.

Turn the mundane task of tying a belt into a life lesson. Think about how the little things in life matter and why we care.

These habits of the mundane, no different than making a bed, eating breakfast, or combing our hair, show we care. Others will take notice on your outlook not only in martial arts, but in life.