Fun at Lynnhurst Summer Festival!

Congrats to all the new kids who learned to break their very first board last night at the 19th Annual Lynnhurst Summer Festival! From ages 3-11, kids smashed through more than 70 boards and have tons of support from new friends and family! What an amazing time!

I enjoy teaching life skills through martial arts and have so much fun doing it! Last night, we focused on listening, following directions, respect, balance, and confidence… and many of the kids didn't even know they were learning these valuable skills. They learned to stand like a black belt, bow in respect, say "Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir," learn how to do a front kick with a confident 'Kihap!', then smash through a real wooden board as high as head level! It was a wonderful introduction to the positive life skills which has made our program a success and a joy to teach!

I met lots of parents and students who took some amazing videos of their kids, too, breaking their first board. I can only imagine the joy from seeing their students' first belt awarded, or even their own BLACK BELT! With perseverance, anything is possible!

Thank you to Jessica Reinhardt, Lynnhurst Community President, for inviting me to be apart of this special event. She and her son are apart of our program, and now her daughter has signed up for our Tiny Tiger program (Ages 4-6).

Special thanks to my wife, Krista, and our dog, Willy, for their support this evening. I count have done it without your support.

Interested in signing up for classes, CLICK HERE!