A very special color belt testing!

Last Wednesday, July 23, Lakes Martial Arts hosted their largest color belt testing with 39 students demonstrating hard work learned from the Summer 2014 session. The room was packed with over 125 people cheering and supporting the students. Highlights for testing included:

  • Master Hauptman, ATA's highest ranking master instructor (6th degree), flew out from Colorado to be our special guest judge. His stellar leadership with Paragon Martial Arts has created amazing instructors, school owners, and world champions which all began in the Midwest decades ago and continues through clubs like Lakes Martial Arts. Master Hauptman also broke a super high board break with two boards above Mr. Ken Hoops' head and wowed the crowd!
  • In addition, 4th degrees Mr. Ken Hoops, Mr. Brendan Rogers, and 2nd degree Mr. Shawn Mingus served on the stellar judging panel. Students demonstrated respect at all times to judges and fellow students… which has been one our of focus life skills goals this session. Well done!
  • We had several intermediate students smash through their boards and fancy spar… including one student, Sylvi, who broke a board above her head!
  • Three black stripe awards were given to students who demonstrated the qualities of excellence during this recent session included: Auggie (Tiny Tigers), Owen (Karate Kids), and Derek (Teens & Adult). Congrats on your hard work and great attitude!
  • We had four 1st degree recommended black belts (Dave, Kelly, Max, and Foster) prepare for their black belt test by demonstrating forms, board break, sparring, and a great attitude! Good luck on your testing in August in Florida and we would LOVE for you to join our club after you settle in your new home!
  • We broke the sound barrier in the classroom with positive energy from clapping and cheering from our supportive parents!
  • Our Adopt-a-Mat program was a success and we were able to fill the entire floor with two full rings of safety flooring! Thank you to the parents for helping to make this a reality (Mr. Kern is keeping busy teaching all the private lessons).
  • The Tamm family helped to coordinate our first annual Taco Potluck and brought a very special custom, Lakes Martial Arts cookie made by Cookies by Design. They were amazing!

In case you missed Master Hauptman's amazing board break HERE'S THE VIDEO

The parent stripe testing awards are given out before testing after students complete their parent sheet. I loved Nora's parent sheet for all her practicing (notice all the circles) and wonderful achieved goals (Respect was our focus for this session).

Special thanks to Mathias for the wonderful artwork demonstrating our ATA flags with his orange belt in action and a wonderful Ki-Hap! Love it!

Judging panel, left to right, included Mr. Kern, Mr. Rogers, Master Hauptman, Mr. Hoops, and Mr. Mingus.

The Tamm family made a super special effort… and we LOVED their cookies they brought… great design, too!

Willy, the unofficial Lakes Martial Arts mascot (you might have seen him after class), wanted in on the yumminess! And check out the cool Mr. Kern cookie (each instructor judge got their very own!). How fun!

Lastly, Master Hauptman surprised Mr. Kern and brought his official 4th degree black belt certificate signed by Grandmaster and himself and the class presented it to Mr. Kern:

Enjoy our summer break in August and we will see everyone back for our next session starting Sept 8! Stay tuned on the blog for the sign-up details.