Happy Thanksgiving!

Ten Things Mr. Kern is Thankful For:

10. A healthy body and mind to challenge during exercise.

9. Good Zebra mats for safety and comfort.

8. Thoughtful students that make cool thank you notes and cards as gifts. Those melt my heart!

7. Amazing instructors like Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Ken Hoops, and Mr. Deutschman and who have helped teach classes for us this year along with the support of the Leadership Team members (Alex, Nora, Sylvi, Otto, Owen, John, and Jack).

6. Lysol for sweaty sparring gear! Good laundry detergent and a washing machine. Otherwise white uniforms would be about brown or even black!

5. A phenomenal Rec center walking distancing from many student’s homes!

4. Imaginative student’s who create taekwondo obstacle courses in living rooms and re-glue boards!

3. My supportive wife, Krista, and our family for the numerous times they’ve had to watch our little one during class.

2. That they really do make parents stripes in 14K gold.

1. Loyal and supportive parents serve as the their “third tree” as represented on our patch!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy your family time!

If you'd like to add to the list, please share a comment!